Welcom to me websit!

This website represents a place for my personal webpage
It was made using WordPress and is hosted on AWS/Lightsail

All images you see on this site are made and owned by me 💯

About me or somethin’? idk. man

I am a musician who thinks he knows computers.
Now a TechnicalComputerScience student at UTwente
If (POSIX == Big Like) would be a real expresion it would return 1
(I really need to remake this site with hugo -_- )


I still haven’t made a formal resume. Lol
But you can check out the software page for a list of programs that I made, maintain and distribute.
And you can take a look at the resume page for a list of technologies i know to use.

Notable Projects that i made and like:

^^ youtty (Now on version 0.3.2)

– youtty
(Program that allows you to
search and view youtube videos
from the Linux tty)
– monero-api-cli
(Cli for interacting with the MoneroDaemon-RPC API)
– Matrix-Multiplication-Project (mmp)
(mmp is a really cool piece of software used to
manipulate matrices for your math class or
whatever else.)
– TorSandbox
(Configuration files and script for
Windows Sandbox in order to automatically
start a new Sandbox with the newest
installation of the TOR browser)
– ontiweb.dev
(Repository for subjects and solutions
from the Romanian National Olympiad for IT)

…and not only!
(Take a look on the software page for more)

Public Monero Node Dashboard (Down rn.)

I host a monero node and have made a Public Dashboard for it!

You can use it to see stats on the monero network or on my personal node to get an idea of tippical monero node stats.

Note: This is curently down because my oldass HDD couldn’t keep up with the blockchain.
I’ll buy a fast SSD soon to fix :3

NoteNote:: I think my brand new ssd is fucking dying?

NoteNoteNote::: Confirmed! ssd is fucked (I’m 90% sure)

^^ Real time stats Here’s a cute ascii cat instead

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Will SysAdmin For Food

This website really is a little all over the place (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
(And also, I should really really really turn it into a static site)